There are no traffic on the extra mile

June 9, 2015 by  

Your greatness and accomplishments are directly proportional to how much effort and energy you are willing to invest in the extra mile. Along your path will be many obstacles, and you will find your road cluttered with many people and obstructions. This comes with the territory, and most people never get off of this road. The thing about this particular road is that it will never lead to anything of true significance or impact. You must have a mindset that is about not allowing the daily challenges or typical roadblocks stop you from getting to your true destination. You see although it seems like the other folks and impediments are there for you for the entire journey; I submit to you that they are not. They are only there to test your sincerity to your true purpose. Once you are able to navigate them, you’ll end up at a place where you will have a choice to make. The first choice will be, will you maintain the status quo, or will you decide to keep pressing and go the extra mile. Your breakthrough and destiny are in the extra mile. Also, you will find that the traffic you encountered on your path along the way will be greatly diminished and obstacles almost eliminated. This is because most people will never go the extra mile to achieve their greatness. You will actually pick up pace as you gain confidence along your way. The world needs YOU to go the extra mile so it can benefit from what lives within you. It is my hope that we cross paths along the extra mile, we can encourage each other along the way as we move on to our true destinies.