Dare to be Different

March 15, 2016 by  

Your significance, impact, and destiny are connect to you exploring and exploiting your difference.  There is a reason that you can be located by your fingerprint, and that’s because no one like you has ever been created.  You see when you learn and develop the true “you” that lives within, you will find that it will be utilized to solve problems for others.  So quit trying to be something that you haven’t been created to be, and endeavor to grow into the unique person that will change the world, one person at a time.  You must dare to be different, and be comfortable in the truths that cry out to be demonstrated to all that you come into contact with.  Have a great day and walk your path as only you can!

Make Everyday Count

January 14, 2016 by  

Just this week I have talked to a friend that lost his brother, another that needs a heart transplant, and another two people that are now dealing with cancer. I say all of that to say that life is truly finite and precious. So keep your mind on things that add value to yourself and others around you. Each day represents an opportunity to spread goodness and mercy to others, because by just having blood flowing through your veins, you have been extended goodness and mercy yourself. I know it may be hard sometimes but you can do it, and you can make it, and make it with a smile on your face. Today is one that you have never seen so make the most of it and may God bless you today.

Be the first believer

November 2, 2015 by  

When it comes to you walking into your destiny, there will be many that say that they believe in you and have your back. There will also be many that will show up as obstacles along your way. Neither group should be able to sway your mindset or progress; simply because when you become the first believer in yourself, then others will not slow you down. A made up mind is one of the most important elements that a person can possess, only focus on things that move you ahead on your quest to change the world. So speak life, determination, focus, and belief in yourself to yourself. Each day as you wake up remind yourself of who you are and make a step towards your destiny, and never let anyone tell you any different.

What does your internal language sound like

July 27, 2015 by  

You win or you lose not typically on the field of play, but you win or lose in your mind. Although there is a result to your action, the telling factor contributing to the result is how are you speaking to yourself. Positive self talk is something that must be intentional and continuous. Our minds are always processing things throughout the day. So as you continue to have data points coming your way, it is vital that you have a plan on how to speak to your circumstances. So I’ll make this quick and easy. Focus on the elements of your situation that you can positively effect. Don’t dwell on things beyond your control or even the elements that bring you down. Although you should be aware of all elements of your situation, it is important after you acknowledge the adverse elements to then refocus on what you are able to do to improve the picture. Start each day off with positive affirmations that show that you are ready to positively engage the elements that will present themselves to you. When you have a negative thought, counter act it with a positive one and cast out the negative energy. In time you will find your internal language one that will keep you striding ahead in all that you do. So never forget to find the light, bright, and positive side of all that you reflect on before you move out.

There are no traffic on the extra mile

June 9, 2015 by  

Your greatness and accomplishments are directly proportional to how much effort and energy you are willing to invest in the extra mile. Along your path will be many obstacles, and you will find your road cluttered with many people and obstructions. This comes with the territory, and most people never get off of this road. The thing about this particular road is that it will never lead to anything of true significance or impact. You must have a mindset that is about not allowing the daily challenges or typical roadblocks stop you from getting to your true destination. You see although it seems like the other folks and impediments are there for you for the entire journey; I submit to you that they are not. They are only there to test your sincerity to your true purpose. Once you are able to navigate them, you’ll end up at a place where you will have a choice to make. The first choice will be, will you maintain the status quo, or will you decide to keep pressing and go the extra mile. Your breakthrough and destiny are in the extra mile. Also, you will find that the traffic you encountered on your path along the way will be greatly diminished and obstacles almost eliminated. This is because most people will never go the extra mile to achieve their greatness. You will actually pick up pace as you gain confidence along your way. The world needs YOU to go the extra mile so it can benefit from what lives within you. It is my hope that we cross paths along the extra mile, we can encourage each other along the way as we move on to our true destinies.

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