Our Leadership Development Services

The On the Brink Leadership Series ® provides extensive leadership development curriculum customized to each organizations’ needs and goals. We provide Leadership Development services with an emphasis on resiliency training for leaders.
We have provided our expert services to intimate groups and large audiences, ranging from 5 people to over 3,000 people both domestically and internationally.  We work with federal agencies, private organizations, and non-profits. We know that we can customize a Leadership Development solution for your organization.
We provide our On the Brink Leadership Series ® services through the following approaches:

  • Facilitation:  We provide dynamic facilitators that guide diverse teams, groups, or organizations to identify and chart a course towards increased cohesion and goal accomplishment.  Elements of this aspect of service include critical thinking, strategic planning, as well as brainstorming.Our Outcomes: Helps individuals/organizations with the following:
    • Organize their collective thoughts
    • Set priorities
    • Establish common ground
    • Get back on the right track as an organization
    • Trouble shoot
    • Refocus people from themselves to their mission
  • Team Building:  We employ unique interactive techniques to establish common ground for organizations to build upon.  We are well versed in activities that establish and enhance trust within the workplace.  We lead guided discussions that address issues that can divide an organization, while navigating the group towards reducing stress and enhancing synergy.Our Outcomes:  This creative, interactive approach achieves the following:
    • Allows people to engage in a reflective way that reveals issues in a non-threatening setting
    • Causes people to see themselves through role playing
    • Helps break down barriers through the use of interviewing skills that allow people to view each other differently and in a humorous backdrop

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  • Motivational Speaking:  We provide passionate presentations designed to inspire and challenge those in attendance to dig deeper to achieve greater accomplishments.  Our team is made up of sought out speakers who have addressed civic organizations, chambers of commerce, numerous military organizations as well as youth groups.Our Outcomes: This poignant approach achieves the following:
    • Connect with people or groups to effectively convey a focused leadership message
    • Outline leadership principles that leave audiences changed and inspired.
    • Provide audiences with specific tasks/challenges that can be performed to effectively move them to the next level in leadership, by the time the keynote speaking is finalized.