Our Work

Faith United Baptist Church

Performed leadership training for Faith United Baptist Church. This consisted of outlining positive aspects of developing interpersonal synergy.  This was a two-day seminar focusing on group goal setting and accountability, resulting in new goals set for the church as well as defined milestones to guide the group.

Testimony from Senior Pastor Brown:
There are not adequate adjectives available which sufficiently share the Monumental Impact which the Brinkley Leadership Series (BLS) has brought to the structural seams of our organization. He has taught our Leaders to “always” be the “example” and never the “exception.” He has taught our Leadership Team the precious, priceless privilege which leadership represents, ‘to whom much is given, more is required.’ For over four years, he has left us gasping for air with life-changing progress and success which our TEAM had never seen before. I was so blown away with his seasoning, substance, skill, information and potent, powerful and practical principle application. Any ministry, business, corporation or company looking to rise to the highest levels of Leadership that demand integrity, character and Excellence , MUST connect with On the Brink.”

Department of Defense

Conducted a full day facilitation session for the Department of Defense. Outlined challenges the division was facing while allowing an open and frank dialogue that highlighted factors limiting productivity. Presented a team building session with the office to highlight common ground and encourage office interaction.

Testimony from Mr.McDade:
“I am writing to express my extreme appreciation of the recent efforts of CMSGT Anthony Brinkley to plan and deliver an effective team building session for my organization. This was the second successful encounter he has had with our team to help us perform more effectively. On short notice, he was able to seamlessly build on the success from the last session and incisively achieve positive results that will have lasting impact.”

Noyes Children Center

Led an interactive conflict resolution and critical thinking session with 30 young people at a juvenile detention center. Challenge the youth to think in a different way and to become more independent in their thinking.

Testimony from Carolann Britton, Principal Alfred D. Noyes Children Center, Rockville, Maryland:
“Strong critical-thinking skills are essential to the students’ abilities to build their own successful futures; thank you for giving them real-life application to the making decisions that will affect their futures.”

Published Leadership Articles written by Anthony Brinkley:

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