Your best chapter begins now

January 7, 2015 by  

With the changing of the calendar, there has been much to reflect on. I’ve been off the grid for a bit doing some reflecting as well as getting postured for the new year. So with that being said I want you to understand that you are still here for a reason. Lately, so many people have been leaving this earth and things have been moving around us at what appears to be a much quicker pace. It is important to pay respect and honor to those that may no longer be here, but if we want to truly show honor and respect, then I offer the following for your consideration. The best way to pay homage to something is to demonstrate the attributes and the concepts the person that you are honoring portrayed. So it’s vital to internalize that you are still around for a purpose and an impact. No matter what you had to go through to get to today, you are here and you still have chapters that need to be written. You are the only one that can write the end of your story. Fight the impulse to pick up old habits and attitudes that don’t advance your positive narrative. So the best time to get started is now. You see we all need each other, because when I see you fighting the good fight of faith, it will help embolden me to keep moving in the right direction. The only chapter that really matters is the one that you are crafting now, because the others are in the past and written in stone and cannot be altered. Don’t focus on this year or month so much, but let today be the one that propels you into a new mindset, focus, and direction to be the best. No other person has your DNA, so stop comparing yourself to someone else and maximize the unique aspects of you. I can’t wait to see what you are going to do and evolve to be. So go and get it. God bless you!