You may be flawed but you are amazing

January 30, 2015 by  

As I was flying back from my latest trip I began to reflect on how amazing people truly can be. Not one of us is without a flaw of some type, yet flawed people do some of the most amazing things. Flawed people create, innovate, and chart new courses every day for others to follow. The key is to not focus on the things that may cause you to be flawed, but to embrace and maximize your unique talents, as well as your abilities to overcome any challenge. Some of the greatest lessons I’ve learned are from people who took their shortcomings and turned them into strengths, their tests became testimonies and they did not hide the fact of challenges they had to overcome. They overcame many of these flaws by prayer, dedication, preparation, and determination and now are the example for many of us to follow and grow from. The world is waiting to hear and see how you made it from the rough seas to smooth sailing.  You will be the change that you want to see.  So if you stumble in life, get up, dust yourself off and move out. So take your flawed self out and do something amazing, starting today!