Unpack the Gift that Lives Within

March 24, 2015 by  

What people see on the outside is in many cases a glimpse of who we really are.  Often it is a representation of who we want people to see, and sometimes it is something that may not even be fully understood by you.  What I’m saying is that who we are is, or is not, developed from the inside out.  Yet so many of us focus on the external so much that we typically ignore the person that lives and breathes on the inside of us.  There is much more depth, meaning, and treasure that resides within you.  God has given each of us special and profound gifts that are to be developed, nurtured, and protected.  This is done by taking the time to acknowledge that you are gifted, because you cannot address what you have not acknowledged.  Once acknowledged you then have a choice to feed your gift of allow it to starve through neglect.  I am going to assume you are going to nurture your gift, and that is done by exposing your gift to people who will educated you on the finer points of refining the gold that lives within.  Seeking knowledge and wisdom with help you cultivate the gift fully.  There are people and resources around you that are willing to invest in you by being a teacher and mentor.  Actively seek them out because this will be a vital part in unpacking your gift.  Now that you are surrounding yourself with the right people you can unpack your gift.  At the right intervals you will begin to display your gifts to the world.  You do this by looking for opportunities to display your gift to those around you.  This will provide you with feedback and perspective.  Being able to get this input will help you to further grow your gift and prepare it for the ultimate unpacking and unveiling to the world.  So take the time to acknowledge and nurture your gift, and unpack it one day at time for the benefit of others and you will find true fulfillment when you do.