Turn your Test into a Testimony

May 19, 2015 by  

brink selma photoYou cannot live any considerable amount of time without having challenges knock at your door. These issues will put your faith, perseverance, and patience to their limits. I have been knocked to my knees on many occasions and left with the same questions. Will I allow this circumstance to define me? Or do I have the fortitude to ride out this current storm? It’s not a matter of if the turbulence of life will come, it’s more of a matter of when it will rear it head. If handled correctly, the test that you are enduring will turn into a testimony. You see within each test are lessons as well as strengthening elements that will leave you better than you were when the storm arrived. It may not feel like that while you are going through ,and even after you initially come out of it. But the further you get away from the storm, the more clarity you will find regarding what you have endured and overcome. The one-time test of your constitution now has become a testimony to be shared and reflected on by you and others. This seemingly dark situation is now a learning tool to bring light to a dim circumstance for others. So batten down the hatches, dig in, and listen to that small and still voice that will guide you from and through your test, to a positive and influential testimony!