The best intimacy does not involve a physical touch

November 19, 2014 by  

As we continue to focus on moving forward and growing in life, I believe it’s important to know the difference between feeling and touching. So many people are seeking a true connection with someone around them, but we have been looking at the physical versus the internal. We think having intimacy means that we are involved in purely physical activities, and I submit to you the least aspect of intimacy is the physical component. When you think about the concept of intimacy, into me see, it then becomes evident having a mental, emotional, and spiritual connection transcends anything that can be done externally. When we allow others, that are worthy, to understand the true person that dwells within us then there is a true level of depth and meaning to the relationship. When I speak of being worthy, I’m referring to someone that values you just as you are, and will not violate your trust and openness. People who are truly connected on an intimate level have unity, harmony, and can move mountains together. Our world is so superficial that most people will never be able to have true intimacy and will settle for an unfulfilling and un-redemptive encounters with those around them. So my challenge to all of us is to seek true intimacy and quit settling for intimacy-light relationships. There won’t be many truly deep and intimate relationships, but they will outweigh every other relationship you have combined, and these will be the ones that will provide you the most value, joy, and comfort on the path of life. Just like you can’t touch the wind, but you can feel the impact it has, true intimacy cannot be physically seen but felt like nothing you have ever experienced.