The benefits of accountability

November 4, 2014 by  

I am a firm believer that we surround ourselves with people who have similar values and outlooks in life. So take a look around you to see the types of people you are allowing into your personal space. There is an old saying that if you fly with the flock you will eventually have to spread your wings. So the point is that whether you agree or not with those in your group, at some point you will have to demonstrate attributes that make you look like the rest of the group. It’s like you hanging around people that drink alcohol, but you don’t typically drink, usually at some point you will begin to drink as well unless you are not careful. I encourage all of you to examine the people that you let in your circle, are they helping you move to excellence or staying in a stagnant place in life. I am writing this blog today because of a good friend of mine, Dot, who sent me a note today saying “where is my positive blog.” You see my friend Dot is a positive person and is all about pushing those around her to greater accomplishments. This is another example of how each of us should have someone around us to be accountable to. We understand that motivation starts from within, however, having the right people with similar views in life can help move you in the right direction when you don’t feel like moving. It’s kind of like having someone spot you when you are trying to lift weights, having them there will help you try to lift more because you know they’ll be there if you get stuck. So have sincere and honest conversations with those in your life and discuss goals and challenges you have, in order to better support one another through accountability. Walk it out together, with purpose, passion, and focus. Talk to you soon, and please give me your thoughts on accountability.