Pop Quizzes, are you ready for yours

October 8, 2014 by  

We have reflected on how when you are focused that your ability to overcome obstacles along your path is greatly increased. We also touched on the vital nature of Good Pain in your life as you continue to cultivate those attributes that will turn the good into excellent and the excellent into greatness. Today I want you to make your focus on being prepared for the pop quizzes in your life. If you think about the times that you were in school and you knew the dates for your upcoming tests that you were typically prepared. This happened because you had an idea of what was coming and even knew when it was coming. However, when the instructor came before you and said “class today we are going to have a pop quiz”, the looks on the faces on those in the class told the entire story. The students that were prepared hardly blinked an eye; then there were students like me that would take a big gulp and start to ponder how this could be a huge blow to my class average. Well life is the same way, we all have ideas of things that are going to come into play from a relational, financial, and work standpoint to name a few. Yet, there are those inevitable pop quizzes that come in many different forms. You may never be ready for them, but you can be prepared for them. You prepare yourself for them by taking every advantage of personal, spiritual, educational, vocational, as well as investing in yourself and those closest to you. So when the downsizing, family emergency, betrayal, financial hiccup, or whatever your situation may be you’ll be prepared to turn this potential roadblock into a stepping stone. For many the reason dreams are not realized is because people never pass the pop quizzes that come up in their lives. One other aspect of the pop quiz is that your opportunities may come in the form of a pop quiz. You blessing may show up when you least expect it, but if you have not invested in Good Pain as well as taking advantage of every opportunity that comes your way, you could flunk your pop quiz for greatness and miss your blessing. So embrace the quizzes as they come and the next time they come your way, just sit back and smile and say “bring it on”, as you use the unexpected moments to develop the champion within you.