Never Betray Today Again

April 4, 2015 by  

brink selma photoI was sitting here pondering about other ways of maximizing each day, and a thought occurred to me that I’d like you to consider. Have you ever thought about how we can betray the day that has been given to us. Betrayal is defined as unfaithful in guarding, maintaining, or fulfilling a trust. Think about it, we’ve each been given a new day that should be filled with promise, purpose, and potential. Yet so often we spend so much time reflecting back, or gazing to an uncertain or even nonexistent future. You see tomorrow is not promised. Yet when we spend so much time in other places mentally or emotionally, we betray the thing that is real and relevant in our lives, and that’s today. It is important that we guard the gift given each day, while maintaining and enhancing the talents that live with each of us to be a positive impact on those we encounter. This is how we never betray the day again. This is how we fulfill the trust of being a good steward or what has been entrusted to us. A steward is someone that honors and has oversight over things. Our gifts, talents, resources, and time are things that we must be great stewards of. If this is honored and respected then we can never have regret or have to focus on betraying another day in our lives. I never looked at it like betrayal, but now I do and hope these words can help you take full advantage of what lies before you each day, and make it matter because you truly matter.