How You Handle The Word No

October 15, 2014 by  

If you talk to people who have made strides in their lives, you will find they had many peaks and valleys. Often the highest of highs are followed with the lowest of lows. It is my opinion that how you handle the no’s in your life will determine your level of achievements long term. It is amazing how a person can have many things go their way, and all of a sudden they are presented with a no from someone and can be stopped in their tracks. I can personally reflect on pursuing personal aspirations and not getting the desired response from people that I was hoping from support from. It was very difficult to refocus initially, but then I had to remind myself that my dreams may not be other’s dreams. The no’s in your life will reveal how committed you are to finishing what you started. It is important to learn from the no’s, because there are many lessons embedded in them. I began to understand that some of the no’s reflected that the time was not right. Then some of the no’s reminded me that I was not as prepared for moving to the next level as I thought that I was. Along the way I even discovered some folks were not going to be on board no matter what the situation was. The point is, no’s are just bumps along the road to the, YES, that will be life changing. Don’t dwell on the no’s too long, just take the time figure out the lessons that the no’s have within them and move on. The greatest out there have many no’s in their history and they pressed on to new domains. You have greatness in you, so don’t waste one moment on doubt, discouragement, or despair. You are one yes away from greatness. So keep charging, and have a great day and better week!