Get Out of Your Own Head

February 23, 2015 by  

brink at crosby ctrToday I want you to make your focus about others around you. This may be a bit challenging because most of us are wired to focus on ourselves first, and in some cases exclusively. I’m not saying that what may be going on in your life is not real or should be ignored. I am simply stating that there is much virtue and value in considering others and being a blessing and a benefit to others. I have seen in my own life and the lives of others that I know that when things are coming at me in life, that I don’t seem to have the desire or energy to be there for others. Yet, the times that I lifted my head and looked up, I found others who appeared to be worse off than me. I learned some lessons from this as well. One was that when I get out of my own head and don’t allow myself to be consumed with thoughts of self, that I can actually be of assistance to others. Also, when others get out of their own heads, they may be the resource that I may need to find clarity in moments of fog. So this week I want each of us to fight the impulse to be focused internally and make our energies and efforts on those we are uniquely qualified to help. When we are out of our own heads, the world becomes a more helping place filled with giving and receiving. Have a wonderful day and blessed week. I believe in you and looking out for you and hopefully you are looking out for others as well.