Check Your Roster

December 4, 2014 by  

There is so much going on in our world today, and each of us find ourselves fighting to stay focused on the things that add value to our journey. Typically along our path we enlist people to join us as we attempt to move ahead. In many ways we become a part of their team and they become a part of their team. Each person on your team has a role to play in the success of each endeavor. These team represent relationships, businesses, as well as personal pursuits.  Some roles may be more active than others, but all roles are important. That is why I believe it is important to routinely evaluate each person’s value on the team. You see it is going to take every bit of energy and focus to achieve your God-given purpose and you don’t have time for unneeded and unproductive distractions. People get on teams for many reasons; some do it for shared vision and success, some do it for a sense of belonging, some even do it to be a disruption because they thrive on drama. So don’t assume just because someone said that they are with you that they are really with you. Each participant on your team should be evaluated and based on that evaluation there may be conversations that you may have to have with them. Hopefully they will consist of thanking them for their great support and teamwork, if this is the case then you have a finely tuned team. Then some of them may be feedback stating what needs to be done to improve on the team aspect of your relationship. This will go one of two ways, they will either get back on board or they may walk towards the nearest exit. The bottom line is when you do this with love, kindness, and honesty then the right thing will happen. You see the goals you have in life are about purposes and impact and you must never lose sight of that, and whoever is truly on board will be on board. I am thankful that we are all supporting one another on each others’ team. Have a wonderful day and make sure that your team remains tight and intact.